Agricultural Risk Management - A broader vision


FADQDI's Teams

Sylvie De Serres, Trustee and Executive Director

Sylvie De Serres is the Executive Director and Administrator of the Financière agricole du Québec - Développement international.  Ms.  De Serres holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Université Laval and a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from McGill University. After seven years as an Agricultural Account Manager with the Royal Bank of Canada, she then joined the Régie des assurances agricoles du Québec in 1993 as a Program Coordinator. Next, she held the position of Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration at Université Saint-Boniface in Manitoba, from 1999 to 2010. During her stay in Manitoba, she also worked as a freelance analyst of economic and agricultural current events for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Upon her return to Québec, Ms. De Serres was appointed Director of Student Services at Université Laval until her appointment, in December 2013, as the Executive Director of the Financière agricole du Québec – Développement international. Throughout her career, Ms. De Serres has participated in several projects abroad and served on various boards of directors in the fields of education and economic development.

Marie-Christine Bélanger, Project Manager

Marie-Christine Bélanger earned a Bachelor's degree in Agrology, a Master's degree in Precision Agriculture and a PhD in Plant Physiology.  She has directed research projects on potatoes, maize, grapes and wine using remotely sensed data and conventional sampling methods. She is skilled in the fields of plant physiology, geomatics, remote sensing and multivariate analyses. Ms. Bélanger has worked as an Engineering and Research Consultant, notably at Cemagref, in France. She has conducted several research projects and is the author of numerous scientific publications. She has worked as a Farm Risk Management Analyst for FADQDI since 2007. Her work includes scientific follow-up for the design and improvement of agricultural insurance products and coordination of FADQDI operations. She supervises the production and quality of various deliverables. Over the past ten years, she has been involved in the process of assessing and developing agricultural insurance in several countries including Colombia, Haiti, Mali, Malawi, Peru, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Vietnam and member countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU).

Johanne Bergeron, administrative assistant

Johanne Bergeron has a Diploma of Collegial Studies from Cégep Garneau in Quebec. She worked at La Financière agricole du Québec before joining the team at Financière agricole du Quebec – Développement international (FADQDI), where she is responsible for the overall secretarial duties. She takes care of logistics for off-project travel and cooperates in human and financial resource components. On occasion, she is involved in the travel logistics for ongoing projects.

Jonathan Boudreau, B.Sc., Project Manager, FADQDI

Jonathan Boudreau holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatics and a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing of Forest Ecosystems. He is skilled in project management, database and geographic information system design and management and remote sensing. His skills also include statistical analyses and on-site project planning. He has worked for the Canadian Forestry Service, the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing and the Geological Commission of Canada. Since 2007, he has been in charge of project development and management for FADQDI. For the past ten years, he has been involved in all aspects that go into the development of agricultural micro-insurance products, initial need and risk assessments, including payment rates, and process definition and improvement. He has helped conduct agricultural insurance feasibility studies in Vietnam, Guyana and West Africa and contributed to the development and marketing of products in Sri Lanka, Malawi, Haiti, Colombia and Mali. He is currently FADQDI’s Project Manager for Agriculture and Rural Financing in Mali (FARM).

Raymond Boutin, Project Manager

Raymond Boutin is a trained Agrologist and holds a Master’s degree in Research and Project Management. He has held management positions as an Agrologist for a Québec farming cooperative. He has carried out various farm development assignments abroad, namely in Bolivia, with Aymara indigenous communities and in Ecuador as a Management Consultant for the creation of two Quechua farming cooperatives. Mr. Boutin is currently the Manager and Project Leader for the implementation of FADQDI’s Agricultural Financing and Insurance System (SYFAAH) in Haiti and of the Support Project for the Farm Financing System in Columbia.

Sabrina Cliche, Project Invoicing Officer

Sabrina Cliche recently earned an Attestation of Collegial Studies from Collège Bart in Accounting and Management. She also has an Attestation of Collegial Studies in Farm Business Management and Operation. Before purchasing her own dairy farm, Ms. Cliche worked in the dairy sector for a number of years. She is currently the Project Invoicing Officer in the FADQDI accounting office.  

Sandrine Côté, Organizational Strategies and Market Development Advisor

Sandrine Côté has a Master’s degree in International Development and International Commerce and Investment from the Hautes Études Internationales of Université Laval.  She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Affairs and International Relations. Ms. Côté also has a diploma in Spanish. As part of her university education, she had the opportunity of studying in Strasbourg, France. Out of personal interest, she has traveled in Asia, Africa and Europe. In the FADQDI office, Ms. Côté is in charge of implementing a strategic plan, monitoring calls for tender, designing a risk management policy and taking care of FADQDI’s communications component.

Victor Côté-Larocque, Research Officer

Victor Côté-Larocque has a Bachelor’s degree in Agro-Economy from Université Laval. Mr. Côté Larocque participated in assessing agricultural value chains in a project for agricultural development and capacity building in Haiti. He currently works for FADQDI monitoring loan guarantee programs in Haiti and Mali. He is also completing a Master’s degree in the Management of International Development and Humanitarian Action, while continuing to be involved in developing and implementing agricultural insurance programs in ongoing projects.

Jean-Yves Drolet, Agricultural Risk management Advisor

Jean-Yves Drolet is an Agrologist with a Master’s degree in Soil Science. He has over 30 years of diverse experience in both the public and private sectors in agrology, soil cartography, environment, water-air-soil resource management, agricultural insurance and geomatics. From 2014 to 2016, he held the position of FADQDI Field Coordinator for the Agricultural Financing and Insurance System project in Haiti (SYFAAH). His duties included supervising, coordinating and controlling all aspects involving the development and implementation of farm risk management mechanisms including crop insurance and loan guarantee programs. His experience has led him to manage multi-disciplinary work teams and develop numerous partnerships with local actors in the fields of finance, insurance, government, NGOs and donors. Mr. Drolet currently works on project development as a Farm Risk Management Advisor, mainly in Africa and the Caribbean.

Julie Gervais, Project Manager, FADQDI

Julie Gervais holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Languages and Culture, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (majoring in International Management) and a Master’s degree in Public Administration (concentrating on International Administration), which she earned from the École nationale d’administration publique. Throughout her studies she made several trips abroad, namely to France, Mexico and Spain. Since 2011, she has worked as a Research Professional, contributing in the information collection needed for FADQDI’s projects. She is also involved in developing communication strategies and building capacity for overall projects. Finally, she is in charge of organizing and coordinating the various activities involved in welcoming international delegations.

Nadège Michaud, Financial Management Officer

Nadège Michaud holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Accounting and Administration. After working for 11 years in the agri-food sector in France, Ms. Michaud settled in Canada. Since 2003, she has adapted to the Québec culture and to its different business accounting techniques. She has worked in a variety of sectors, which has allowed her to diversify her skills. She has implemented several of our policy procedures and organized training sessions. Account analysis and accounting management are among her strengths.

Brigitte Paquet, Project Monitoring Officer

Brigitte Paquet holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agrology and is completing a Diploma of Vocational Studies in Secretarial Studies in order to perfect her skills in office automation. Before joining the FADQDI team, she worked for 15 years in agricultural circles in a variety of fields, including agro-environment, research and organic certification. Enriched by this diverse work experience, Ms. Paquet decided to re-orient her career to concentrate more on administrative tasks. Since 2016, she has been the Project Monitoring Officer for FADQDI. She supports project managers in preparing foreign missions and producing various types of documents needed for projects.

Last updated : 2017-11-03